What is a .io game?

The .io games are a genre of games, which was born in 2015, to be more specific at the end of April, when the game was published online, thanks to the youtubers and social networks that generated so much eco of this game, thanks to its gameplay, today we can consider games .io a new genre of video games. is nothing more than the domain name that the game uses, being the .io the identifier that represents the British territory of the Indian Ocean.

How is

In you are a small cell and you aim to be the largest on the map, to achieve the goal you must move around the map eating the small colored dots, you can also eat other cells if you are bigger than them, but you will die if you eat a bigger than you, the bigger you are the slower you will go and position yourself above the rest of the players in the leaderboard.

What requirements does a .io game meet?

Although the following list of requirements is not strictly required, if it meets the majority, it could already be considered a .io game:

  • Domain .io
  • Free to play.
  • Play in the browser.
  • Multiplayer, competitive or co-operative.
  • Possibility of superiority over other players.
  • Easy to learn but hard to be the best in the game.
  • Game in real time.
  • Leadership table.
  • To be able to play with one click.

What is different about to other pages?

First of all, is in development and a lot of improvements are missing to reach our goal, which is to create a platform that gathers all the possible games, where the player enjoys the best user experience, without you wait and fluidly, we also think about the developers, since we have experience creating .io games and we know the frustrations and problems that can lead us to get into that adventure, we want to create a community that helps the indie developer and drives them in their goals, and All the games have the same possibilities to grow!

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