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About Armedhavoc

Armedhavoc com is a 2D shooter with a perfect gameplay. At the moment, you can play a beta version. Still, the idea is really great. Control is great, the game is working quickly, and interface is laconic. The main aim is quite clear. You must shoot down all your enemies. The game is similar to Battle io because of the laconic interface and a good physics.

How to play

The aim of Armedhavoc com is to gain as many frags as possible until the round ands. You should pick the weapons and use platforms for jumps. The game is a little bit similar to Counter Strike. Both games have frags and rounds. Also, the same weapon is used. Developers have done their best, so it is possible to expect new maps and upgrades.

If you register in the game, you will be able to gain experience and receive new levels. The levels and experience will afford you to upgrade the interface of your character and receive some advantage in the battle because of extra abilities.

If you fall down, you don’t lose health, but if you are thrown out of the map, it is equal to death.

Armedhavoc com is a combination of cute interface with severe battles. Surely, it is one of the most interesting and exciting io games.


Use WASD to move

Make a click to shoot

Use Shift to watch the statistics



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