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Gopnik io is a completed 3D game for survival in the wildlife. It is a 3D version of Starve io. You must obtain resources, craft the objects, battle with wild aborigines. Also, there are RPG elements. It is an interesting game of good quality, so it is likely to be upgraded and improved soon.

P.S.: The load may take a lot of time. While the game is loaded, yo will see a nice cockerel. But, finally, it will be loaded, at least, in the Chrome.

How to play

At the moment, Gopnik io is available in a beta version. The aim is not very clear, but it is 100% clear that you must obtain resources, craft useful objects and control the level of water in your body. If the water scale reduces to the minimum, you health will decrease slowly until you die.

There is a change of day and night. At the moment, it is available in the manual edition. You can choose the length of the day in the upper left-hand corner. Also, you may take a pause and enjoy your favorite time of the day.

Use your weapons to hunt on the hogs and obtain the hogs’ meat. Also, you may hunt on the aborigines. They are veryaggressive. Be careful with them. It is difficult to kill aborigines, and they are very dangerous. But they are guarding a bozx with ammo and clothes. If you get the bag, you may put the clothes on your character.


Use WASD to move

Use a click to shoot

Use number keys or wheel of the mouse to switch the weapons

Use Tab to open menu of the character

Use Shift to speed up
gopnik io


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