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About is a favorite game of school children “The Scaffold”. You must guess the word. If you enter a wrong letter, one stroke is added to the scaffold where you will be hanged. It is a funny game where you can demonstrate your verbal intellect and knowledge of English. It is a great way to cope with the stress. The game is worth playing.

How to play

The aim of is to guess as many words as possible. In the upper left-hand corner you will see the number of your scores and the number of your lives left. You may use a traditional keyboard or a virtual one to type the words. Use Enter to reload the game. The game is interesting because the words are modern and original. There are many words from the Internet space and, in general, there is a huge amount of local slang. Sometimes it is irritating, but, as soon as you get used to a modern interpretation of this game, you will like it.


Type letters on the keyboard to guess the words

Use enter to reload the game

Click Hint on the screen to receive a hint
hangs zone


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