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Hyperi as is a game with a unique dynamics. Pick colored dots and upgrade your ship. For every level you have passed, you receive the scores of experience. Use the scores to upgrade the properties of your ship. But the most important thing is that your ship can jump from cluster to cluster for a couple of seconds. It will help you to escape from stronger enemies ad defeat weaker ones unexpectedly.

How to play

The aim of Hyperi as is to upgrade your ship. You must pick colored dots, and then upgrade the level and the properties of your ship. It will contribute to successful battles with other players. Be careful while picking dots of the mass. There are explosive mines in the space that look like edible dots. In this game, you have a unique opportunity of hyper space transfer. Accumulate some energy enough for a jump, then mark your destination on the mini map, make a click, and your ship will fly to the desirable place with a speed of light. So, you may attack other players quite unexpectedly, and escape from stronger players.


The ship follows the mouse

Make a left click to shoot

Use a right click or Shift to accumulate some energy for the jump
hyperi as


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