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In this game you are a small butt, who can use some skins colors and costumes to be cool!.

Eat your beans, fart a lot, kill others butts to become the biggest ass ever! You can use your powers, like stinky farts, fire and deadly fart, or run fast to smash other asses and eat their beans. But take care, other players can steal your mass, make you sick, or even kill you easily with some game items.

How to Play

The objective for this game, is similar to the or Become the biggest ass ever. Kill others and eat their beans to grow up. Each game has some statistics like "max size", "game time", "top time", which make a game score. You can check your skills as an ass in the global ranking.

Use your mouse to move, and the keys Q, W and E, to run fast, fart and fire fart. Strategy

Just, have fun!
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nicefart io


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