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About Papers Scissors Rocks

Hi there, Papers Scissors Rocks is addictive survival game. Each player is assigned to one of three well-known teams: Paper, Scissors, Rock. Scissors are trying to catch Paper, Paper is trying to catch Rock, Rock is trying to catch Scissors. Once you catch somebody - you achieve score, regain little of health and take catched player to your team. Once somebody catches you - he takes you to his team and you lose health. Your goal is to achieve and hold Gold Crown. Game is over for you once you are out of health.

From author

We are trying to make this game as good as it can be in many ways: performance, style, strategies. Please, contact if you are disagreed with something or have some suggestions on [email protected]

Controls in Play Papers Scissors Rocks

There are two main controls:

Mouse to set a direction

SPACE to use boost

Papers Scissors Rocks Details

Player has a limited amount of boost. Boost is regained with time.

Player can be in two states:



When you are in Game state you can catch opponents, and opponents can catch you.

When you are in Transparent state (border of creature is gray) you cannot catch anybody and nobody can catch you. Transparent is short term state, which happens when you enter the game (3 seconds), when you are catched by somebody (3 seconds), when one of three teams is gone (5 seconds) and when Hider use his boost (3 seconds).

When one team is gone all players are reassigned to new teams such that new teams are equally balanced.

There are three types of characteristics you can choose:

Faster (default) - fastest base speed, less boost

Booster - more available boost, slower speed (comparing to Faster)

Hider - can become "transparent" by using whole boost. Base speed is the same as for Booster

When players use their boost - their speed are equal.

You can choose your type while being in transparent state.

Papers Scissors Rocks Strategies

Avoid opponents which can catch you. Specially avoid being surrounded by players from different teams (who are teamed up against all others), they can take all of your health in about 10 seconds.

Avoid being "cornered". It is hard to run from the corner.

Choose best fitting type of characteristics for you. Swap them wisely.

Save the boost, don't use it until you actually need it.

Catch players with higher score. More score player has - more score you achieve when you catch him.

You can see directions to some of opponents by lines and crowns(top 3 players) on border of the screen.

Use first six strategies against others :)


You can unlock custom skins by sharing link to the game on Facebook.


We have a long list of optimizations and features, which also includes mobile apps (iOS, Android).

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