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Racegame is an action packed racing car game played on a reasonably small circuit and several other players it really challenges your driving skills!

How to play

Just like all racing games you’ll be against other cars, your job is to be the first and fastest! All cars have the same speed and handling as far as I’m aware as there was no option to choose what car to use, you can see your position on the top right of the screen and also your opponents. Every time you complete a lap you will be given a time this is a cool feature as it lets you know if you’ve improved and if its your best you can simply recreate that lap. As a novice racer myself I can’t offer much advice but I do know that corners are a lot easier to take if you take the straight wide and swing in close on corners, hope that helps a little, goodluck!


Left click to accelerate your car and use the mouse to steer, super simple and super fun!
race game io
racegame io


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