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This game is an arena for 12 units. Try to survive as long as possible with six players and six bots. You'll have to fight for the top spot on the leaderboard! Move more to become as hot as possible. This will allow you to make jumps with which you will demolish everything in your path! Well, almost everything...

How to Play

Click the left mouse button in the desired direction (or use arrows keys) to make a move. Each move increases your temperature.

Right-click in the desired direction to jump. Higher temperature = longer jump. You can destroy the enemy by jumping through him.

Collect stars, or destroy enemies to gain score.

Use bonuses, they can help you! Strategy

You should follow a few simple rules:

Look around often to find the hot unit that wants to attack you. Plan your movements to avoid enemy's jumping.

Avoid the enemies with high temperatures. Do not attack them with a jump. This can lead to the fact that both of you will be destroyed, or only you, if the enemy is faster.

The safest way to earn score - collect stars. But it's slow.

The safest way to destroy the enemy - using SHOCK and SHOT bonuses. The BOMB - it's nice too!
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