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Superorbit is an incredibly awesome fast paced 2d shooter game, the small arena and amount of opponents make the games a bunch of fun! One of my favourite features is the jumpy techno music in the background, it really set the mood for a space themed fighter game and made me want to constantly shoot everyone I came across!

How to play

In this spaceship free for all you only have one thing to aim for, and that is the enemy ships. You can shoot them with your normal weapon or break the various silver weapon crates scattered around the map in order to get stronger weapons/power ups in order to take them out more efficiently. As you progress through the levelling system you’ll eventually scale through the ranks which will allow you to unlock cooler spaceships although the first one is sufficiently cool on its own. This game provided me with endless fun from just the sheer action, if you’re looking for a fun shooter to play Superorbit is probably an excellent choice for you!


To move your spaceship simply use the WASD keys and the mouse to shoot/control where you’re aiming, lastly when you receive a power up use space bar to activate it.
super orbit io
superorbit io


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