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About is Minecraft + Zombie tower defense. Build your base and defend it against waves of zombies. Upgrade your base and make it stronger. Be careful, every wave becomes stronger and stronger. How many nights can you survive?

Party with friends to make a big base (be careful though! More zombies will spawn than normal when you're in a party)

How to Play

Place down your Gold Stash [hotkey 8] to begin your base. At night, Zombies will spawn, so build fast. Harvest Stone and Wood nearby resources to begin building towers.

Make sure you build Gold Mines to start generating gold (you use gold to upgrade your towers as well as buy items from the shop (B).

Build as many turrets as you can to defend your Gold stash and mines. WALLS are very important! They will defend your base and prevent zombies from attacking your towers directly.

You will earn score as you survive more nights, and Zombies will only get stronger and stronger. Will you make it to wave 100? Strategy


Build 8 Gold Mines as soon as possible to maximize gold income

Make sure to use the Shop (B) to upgrade your Pickaxe, as well as buying other weapons to help defend

Upgrading walls is very important - be very careful as the Zombies get much stronger later, and may surprise you!

Place turrets carefully since they all have unique stats
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