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Funny IO game named appeared not long ago. It’s an occupation in a full sense of the word. After then you choose the nickname, you will get to the large surface, divided into squares. These squares are dyed in different colors. That’s a moment when you can’t be slow, you should play immediately! If you will do nothing, then you will have to start again.

The point of the game is to capture white squares and dye them in your color as many as possible. You need to click the white cells near your colored cells to extend the captured space. In the beginning only a point appears, only then square paint in your color.

If you not paint the cell in 3 seconds, the game will end. Then you should make another attempt to occupy the free surface. If you would like to use another skins, you should pay some money. Otherwise, the color of your cells will be random. We wish you to achieve significant results and take a good place in leaderboard!


LMB click – expand your area

LMB drag – move the viewport
occup io


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